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October 25, 2016 7:30 am by Scott Savage

Bottom Line: Enough snow fell to allow some eager folks to tour around near Galena Summit last week. They reported generally stable conditions but were very cautious due to the thin (~12") "snowpack." Remember - if there's enough snow to ride and slide, there's enough snow to produce an avalanche. Watch for isolated wind slabs at high elevations. Stumps and rocks will be a significant hazard. It's a long year and you don't want to end your season before Halloween!

All weather stations are up and running. We will be updating this post as conditions dictate.

Snow and Weather History: Monday, most locations received .3-.6" of rain. The snow line appeared to be somewhere between 9500-10000' in elevation. Last week, valley locations received 1.5-2" of water, most mountain locations received 2-3" of water, and the Sawtooths and western Smoky Mts picked up 3-5" of water. Temperatures near treeline cooled from the mid-30's F to 20's F during the storm. Terrain between about 8500-9500' in elevation near Galena Summit received 6-12" of snow. Upper elevations appear to have received much more snowfall and less rain. Westerly winds formed isolated wind slabs in exposed alpine terrain. At the Lower Titus weather station near Titus Lake, we observed very dense snow near the ground with lower density snowfall closer the surface. Since last week's storm, the warm weather has undoubtedly consolidated the shallow snowpack and formed crusts on sun-exposed slopes.

Weather Discussion: Expect unsettled weather this week with periods of showers Tuesday, variable cloudiness Wednesday and Thursday, and scattered showers returning for the weekend. Seasonal mountain temperatures reach the 40's F during the day and cool to near freezing each night.

Events: The Friends are hosting a snowmobile night with a movie and raffle at the Muleshoe in Hailey on December 3rd. Check the Education and Events Calendar later this week - we'll be adding several classes and events!


1. Titus Ridge Snowpack

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